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Top photography spots in Namibia

April 11, 2023

By Jandré Germishuizen

Namibia, located in southern Africa, is a photographer’s paradise. From stunning landscapes to diverse wildlife, there are endless opportunities to capture mesmerizing shots that will take your breath away. In this blog, I have put together a guide for travelers highlighting some of the top photography spots in this vast and magical country.

1. Sossusvlei Dunes

Located in the Namib Desert, the Sossusvlei Dunes are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Namibia. The towering red sand dunes, which offer a striking contrast against the deep blue skies, are a must-visit for any photographer. Early morning and late afternoon are the best times to capture the dunes in their glory. While visiting the area, don’t miss out on the captivating Deadvlei, a surreal and desolate salt pan made unique by the presence of petrified trees surrounded by towering red dunes. 

2. Etosha National Park

Etosha National Park is a wildlife sanctuary that boasts an array of wildlife species, including elephants, zebras, lions, and giraffes. The waterholes scattered throughout the park offer fantastic photo opportunities to capture wildlife in their natural habitat. The best time to visit is during the dry season, when animals tend to congregate around water sources. There are plenty of places to stay in the area, but my personal favorite has to be the Onguma collection, made up of several luxury lodges which offer unique guest experiences and a diverse range of fauna and flora. 

3. Skeleton Coast

This vast, remote region is known for its eerie landscapes, sand dunes, and shipwrecks. The Skeleton Coast offers a unique photographic experience and is best captured during the early morning or late afternoon hours. The deserted beaches, foggy mornings, and rugged terrain offer incredible photographic opportunities.

4. Himba Villages

Namibia is home to an array of ethnic groups, including the Himba people. The Himba are traditionally semi-nomadic pastoralists, and their striking red-ochre attire, adorned with colorful beads, makes for stunning photographs. Travelers need to obtain permission from the Chief to visit these remote villages.

5. Kolmanskop Ghost Town

Kolmanskop Ghost Town is a former diamond mining town located near the coastal town of Luderitz. The abandoned buildings, covered in sand dunes, make for hauntingly beautiful photo opportunities. The best time to visit is at sunrise or sunset when the sun’s rays cast a warm and golden light over the town’s remains.

In conclusion, Namibia offers endless opportunities for photographers to capture some of the most breathtaking landscapes and wildlife on the African continent. Visit Namibia to experience the country’s natural beauty and bring home incredible memories in the form of stunning photographs.

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