How To Wash Waterproof Jackets

You’ve invested in a quality waterproof jacket. While it will keep you snug and covered from wet weather in the meantime, there are plenty of things you can do to prolong its life.

A huge factor in this is washing. Just washing your waterproof jacket with the rest of your clothes can potentially damage the fabric, and you may find yourself getting soaked through on your adventures.

To combat this, we’ll talk you through how to wash waterproof jackets properly and how to get the most out of them for as long as possible.

How To Clean Waterproof Jackets: Step By Step Guide

Whether a muddy puppy has jumped up to say hello or you’ve fallen victim to some slippery surfaces out on a walk, dirty clothes happen to all of us. So, if you’re wondering how to get stains out of waterproof jackets, simply follow these steps below:

  1. Prepare the jacket before washing: The best thing you can do before washing a waterproof jacket in your washing machine is to get the worst off as soon as possible. To do this, take a soft-bristled brush or a microfibre cloth, dip it in warm water, squeeze out any excess water, and then gently rub the fabric to remove any mud or stains. A little bit of the cleaning liquid can be used on particularly stubborn marks.
  2. Check the jacket: Before placing it in the washing machine, check the pockets for valuables and remove any old tissues or rubbish. Once done, make sure to zip everything up and close any flaps.
  3. Clean the washing machine: If you’ve just done a regular wash, it may be worth running an empty load on a hot wash to get rid of any residual detergent or fabric conditioner, as this could affect the quality of the garment.
  4. Wash the waterproof jackets: Now it’s time to get washing! Try to stick to no more than two waterproof items in the wash, and never wash with any other regular clothes. Add the specialist waterproof detergent where appropriate and run on a gentle program on a setting no hotter than 30°C. Once finished, you can try a slower spin setting to get rid of any excess water.
  5. Dry the jacket: Always check the care label, but tumble drying on low is the safest method. The heat activates both the original coating and the reproofed layer, allowing it to perform better for longer.

What to do After Washing a Waterproof Jacket

When your jacket has been washed several times or is starting to lose some of its water resistance, it’s not the end. You can buy re-proofing sprays that easily prolong the life of your trusty waterproofs, keeping you warm and dry on many more adventures to come.

Now you know how to wash waterproof jackets the correct way, why don’t you give your own a new lease of life? Or, if you think it’s finally time to invest in something new, check out our collection at Craghoppers.

A Guide To Layering Clothes For Hiking

Your hiking outfit needs to be about much more than style – it’s all about practicality. And because of unpredictable weather, you need to be prepared for every eventuality. That means you need items that keep you dry in the rain, others that cool you down when it’s hot, and options for layering up when it’s cold out. Layering clothes allows you to adapt to various weather conditions along the trail, making your trip much more enjoyable. Wondering how to layer clothes effectively? We’ve got a few tips and tricks up our sleeve.

How to layer clothes

Your best bet for travelling comfortably is stocking up on multiple lighter layers rather than dressing in one single or bulky item – that way, you’ll find it much easier to adapt to various weather conditions by either stripping off or layering up as you go. And, if the layers are lighter, it makes it much easier to pack them away into your rucksack when they’re not needed!

But each layer needs to work together to provide a comprehensive hiking outfit that you can wear in one. So each item must complement one another to maximise comfort and efficiency along the trail. There are three basic layers you’ll need when it comes to layering clothes for hiking – your base-layer, mid-layer, and outer-layer clothing. Wondering what does what? We tell all in our guide to layering clothes for hiking below – helping you learn how to layer clothes for winter hiking and cooler temperatures.

Base-Layer Clothing

Base-layer clothing is the foundation of your hiking outfit. It’s better that it’s lightweight and able to dry quickly. As it’s worn next to the skin, moisture-wicking base-layer clothing is your best bet. You need this layer to help regulate your body temperature and draw moisture away from the skin while you’re on the trail. This will help keep you dry and comfortable while trapping in warmth to shelter you from the cold.

Long-sleeved shirts

Our long-sleeved shirts come complete with a range of our innovative technologies. The NosiLife shirts provide outstanding defence against biting insects, a technology that lasts the lifetime of the garment, making it the ideal base-layer clothing for years to come. A number of our long-sleeved shirts are also constructed using our SolarShield technology, with UPF40+ protection against harmful UV rays – because sun protection is important, even when it’s cold.

But most importantly, when it comes to layering clothes, your long-sleeved shirts must be equipped with moisture-wicking capabilities. A number of our long-sleeved shirts are built with moisture control to move body moisture away from the skin, keeping you cool and comfortable.

Long-sleeved t-shirts

Like long-sleeved shirts, long-sleeved T-shirts also act as great base-layer clothing in a more casual setting. The ThermaControl fabric in the Craghoppers’ T-shirts provides technical base-layer clothing for your adventures. This technology allows you to stay on the move without having to stop and start adjusting your layers every five minutes.

Mid-Layer Clothing

Mid-layer clothing is your warming layer – designed to provide extra insulation on cooler adventures, trapping body heat between the layers and forcing sweat vapour to push out of your clothing away from the body. Your mid-layer can consist of multiple layers, depending on the weather conditions and temperature – but if you pack more than one item, you ensure that you have more flexibility and the ability to adapt to a wider range of temperatures.


Fleece is the most popular type of mid-layer clothing as it is durable and quick drying. Naturally, the thicker the fleece is, the warmer it will be as the closer-knit fibres will trap in more heat. The Craghoppers’ fleece collection includes both – full and half-zip options, all equipped with extra pockets and made from easy-care materials that will last long into your future adventures. The full range of Craghoppers’ fleece is also constructed using recycled materials, which makes it an eco-friendly choice for environmentally conscious travellers (read more about what makes our fleece here).


Vests are often overlooked, but if you’re looking for mid-layer clothing, they’re the perfect choice – particularly if you’re after an additional mid-layer to throw on top of your fleece. They’re cut-off, sleeveless versions of jackets that give you freedom of movement for your arms and offer extra insulation for the body, all while locking in core heat as you walk.

Constructed using lightweight materials—like the ThermoPro synthetic fill, which mimics the properties of down—our gilets are a suitable choice for your mid-layer hiking clothing collection. They’re super lightweight but just as effective at keeping you warm. If you’re a little too warm, you can easily store your mid-layer clothing away in your rucksack while you cool off.


No hiking outfit is complete without a proper pair of walking trousers. There are various options to choose from, like stretch-fabric trousers, zip-offs and waterproof walking trousers that provide an extra layer of defence against the weather.

Outer-Layer Clothing

Your outer-layer clothing, or the “shell” of your hiking outfit, is there for weather protection. It’s designed to block out the wind, the rain, and the snow, keeping you cool and dry all the while. These are generally waterproof or water-resistant, quick-drying, and durable. A lot of outer-layer clothing is also breathable so that the moisture wicked from your body can escape.


Having the right jacket in your walking wardrobe is key for making the most out of the great outdoors. They provide an extra layer of defence between you and the elements, shielding you from windy weather and rain – not to mention locking in even more of that core warmth. You can pick up fleece-lined and insulated jackets, as well as soft-shell jackets that are more lightweight but still just as wind-resistant and effective.

The Craghoppers’ jackets are designed with an adventurer’s pursuits in mind, made with lightweight and flexible fabrics that allow for extra ease of movement and durability.


Small enough to pack into a corner of your bag, over-trousers will provide effective protection against the elements. So, if the weather takes a turn for the worse, you can whip them out of your bag and layer them over your trousers as another level of defence and warmth.

And that’s how to layer clothes for hiking! It’s all about preparing for every eventuality. So before setting off on your next outing, take the time to think about what you’re packing and all the items you’ll need for layering clothes effectively. Complete your hiking outfit and browse our range of men’s and women’s outdoor clothing.

Choosing The Best Trousers for You

Looking for a new pair of outdoor trousers? You’re in the right place. We’re here to talk you through the different types of trousers available, the seasons and activities they’re best for, and some of their key features. Interested? Keep on reading our guide to choosing the best walking trousers for you.

How to choose outdoor trousers

When it comes to choosing the right pair of walking trousers, there’s no cutting corners. So, there are a few factors you’ll need to consider, including:

All Craghoppers trousers are designed with comfort in mind, using stretch materials, and as versatile as possible (trust our customers who wear them from bush walks to rock climbing to travelling and even to the office!). Therefore, let’s look at how to choose the right trousers according to the climate.

The Best Trousers For Hot Weather

First things first, let’s talk about the best walking trousers for summer. For treks in the heat, you’ll want lightweight, breathable, and technical trousers. Here’s what we suggest.

Whether you’re exploring the jungle or just enjoying a day of sun closer to home, choose a pair of NosiLife walking trousers. The key feature of this particular pair is the anti-insect technology built into the fabric. Without the need for nasty chemicals, these trousers keep irritating insects like mosquitos, ticks and midges at bay.

In addition, our NosiLife trousers are some of the best walking trousers for hot weather because of their sun-protective quality. With UPF 40+ protection, rest assured your legs will be safe from the sun’s powerful UV rays. Finer details like zip’n’clip pockets for valuables, RFID pockets, and drying loops make these trousers the perfect travel companion.

Next up, we have the NosiLife Pro Convertibles. These zip-off trousers are perfect for warm days when the sun keeps going in and out. To stay comfortable all day, simply zip off the ends of the trousers to convert them into walking shorts—leaving you feeling cool and fresh when out on the trail.

What’s more, with our added Odour Control technology, you won’t have to worry about getting your sweat on during tough hikes.

The Nosilife Cargo & Convertible trousers are perfect for those needing quick-drying and sun-protective capabilities—like anglers when wading. These pants will keep you protected from the sun all day long and will not get heavy and drag you down while wading in rivers or the ocean. They will quickly dry out as soon as you’re out of the water. The convertible version can also be used as a short only.

Best Hiking Trousers For All Year Round

Kiwi Pro trousers are the choice of hikers worldwide. If you are looking for all-year-round trousers, you can’t go wrong with these. They offer total comfort, durability, an expert fit, water repellence, and UPF 40+ sun protection, perfect for any adventure. They are available for men and women, of course. Nifty features like a sunglasses cleaning wipe in the pocket round off this comfortable pant.

Active ladies who prefer a tight fit will love Craghoppers’ leggings, which were designed to stretch, jump, and scramble with you. Like Kiwi pants, the leggings come with an EcoShield DWR finish and zipped pockets to secure small valuables. Thermal versions are available for cold conditions.

Getting Your Trousers Ready For Winter

On cold days and at high altitudes, the main priority is obviously keeping yourself warm. Craghoppers has you covered even on chilly days with many styles made for winter adventures.

Men’s Softshell Pants are made from fabric that blocks wind from penetrating the garment, significantly reducing the effects of wind chill. With brushed fleece on the inner side and a plant-based water repellent, these trousers will keep you warm and dry in any weather.

Ladies can explore the winter outdoors in Compression Thermal Leggings or in a winter version of our popular Kiwi Pro trousers. In addition to all favorite features, Kiwi Pro Expedition Winterlined Trousers have a brushed lining that provides additional warmth.

Do you wish to winter-proof your existing outdoor wardrobe? Making your walking trousers warmer has never been easier—add Merino Tights as the insulating layer under your favourite Craghoppers trousers, and you are ready to go. Thanks to their natural moisture-wicking and anti-odour properties, the Merino Tights will help you regulate your body temperature, ensuring you stay fresh and dry all day.

And there we have it! Now that you know how to choose the perfect walking trousers, it’s time to optimize your adventure by getting yourself a pair of Craghoppers trousers.

What Makes A Craghoppers Fleece?

When exploring the great outdoors, having the right gear is crucial. Layering up during the Winter months can not only provide extra comfort but is also essential to your exploration, depending on your environment. In this blog, we’ll discuss our wide range of fleece, including our brand-new technology, CO2 Renu.

The technology behind our fleece

Within our ever-reliant collections of fleece, there is a wide range of styles and technologies that form the backbone of our mid layer collection. Consisting of half-zips, full-zips, and sweatshirts, our fleece is all made from feather-light microfleece material, providing breathability but still insulating enough to keep you warm during those colder outdoor adventures.

From simple styles like our Men’s Barker Jumper to bolder designs like the Women’s Trina Half Zip Fleece and Men’s Tarbert Half Zip Fleece, the fleece is partly made from plastic bottles recycled into polyester, reducing carbon emissions and landfill waste. By repurposing materials like PET bottles into high-performance fleece, we reduce the demand for virgin resources and help minimize plastic’s impact on our planet.

Furthermore, we place a strong emphasis on ethical and responsible manufacturing processes and fair labour practices, ensuring that our entire supply chain adheres to stringent environmental standards.

Spotlight: Corey & Miska Fleece – the true pioneers

Products that have been ever-present in our range, the Corey Fleece and its sister, the Miska Fleece, have been staples of our brand. True pioneers, they both were the first from our fleece range to be created with recyclable materials.

A lightweight fleece, they are perfect for those who are on the move but need an extra layer of insulation. They also act as the ideal mid-layer underneath your waterproof jacket if you’re out in very cold temperatures.

CO2 Renu

At Craghoppers, we are serious about innovation that reduces our impact on the planet. Working with industry experts, LanzaTech, we have created CO2Renu, a technology that transforms carbon emissions into fabric. CO2Renu uses 100% recycled fabric, which includes (up to) 30% of fibers made from capturing carbon emissions before they are emitted into the atmosphere.

The process reshapes carbon waste by using carbon emissions as the starting point to create some of Craghoppers’ recycled polyester blends. CO2Renu technology is an innovative way of recycling carbon emissions from industry that would otherwise be emitted as CO₂ while helping reduce the fabric’s carbon footprint.

You can learn more about CO2 Renu here. Coming to SA soon!

Gifts to spark adventure

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to start filling up those stockings with gifts that your adventurous friends and family will adore!

Whatever the outdoor activity, we’ve curated the perfect collection of outdoor gifts to elevate their adventures.

Whether tracking wildlife on foot or bouncing over dusty roads, comfort is key on safari in remote areas. Gift lightweight, quick-drying, and easy-care clothes that block the sun’s harmful rays and keep biting insects at bay. Don’t let the small stuff bug your safari explorer’s next adventure – keep them comfortable and protected so they can focus on spotting the Big Five.

Scrambling up switchbacks and rocky terrain demands durable gear that moves with the hikers. Surprise your favorite trailblazer with abrasion- and water-resistant hiking clothes, sun-protective shirts, and warm top layers tough enough for any trail. Wherever the trail leads, these gifts will keep up.

Jetsetters need versatile, packable gear that simplifies life on the road without sacrificing durability. Cross the durable luggage, practical accessories, and wrinkle-resistant clothes off their wishlist and make your frequent flyer’s next journey to a remote destination a breeze.

Who does not have at least one angler at home? Don’t let the little things hook them on their next reel deal. Protect them from the sun during the long hours on the water with brilliant gifts like lightweight shirts and sun hats, and free their hands with gear like the hip packs loaded with attachments for tools.

Gift your outdoor daredevils with items that add an oh-so-cool factor to their exciting hobby. Our bike bags make chasing personal records more fun. Climbers will push towards new heights with our colorful chalk bags. And let kayakers pursue wilder white waters with our dry bags.

Can’t find something you like? Here is the stuff that everyone loves to receive. These funky accessories will add a great deal of functionality and a colorful touch to any outdoor gear.

Must-have trousers for outdoor & adventure travel by Craghoppers, the outdoor legwear specialist.

By Outsider Co.

In 1996, Craghoppers launched its iconic Kiwi trousers, which became instant best-sellers. Since then, the Craghoppers legwear range has expanded and become a staple in many traveler and adventurers’ wardrobes.

What makes the Craghoppers pants stand out? Flexibility, breathability, protection against the elements, versatility.. you name it.

The pants come with cool features like EcoShield water repellent, SolarShield sun protection, NosiLife insect repellant fabric, and many more. Simply put, they were designed to meet the requirements of the most demanding adventurers.

Let’s explore legwear that not only locks out the elements but moves with you as you explore.

Craghoppers Kiwi Pro Pants: The Perfect Companion for all Outdoor Adventures

Key features:

A lot of time has passed since the first Kiwi trousers were introduced to the world. Over those years, designers continued to refine and improve the design of the Kiwi pants, ensuring that they meet the evolving needs of outdoor enthusiasts. The never-ending popularity of the pants confirms that their efforts were, and continue to be, hugely successful.

So, what makes us love Kiwi II pants so much? Their stretchy, lightweight, breathable fabric gives you complete freedom of movement, regardless of the terrain. Including the practical pockets, they have everything you need to confidently tackle any outdoor adventure. Yet often, it’s the stylish design that wins the heart of many—Yep, they look just as good in the office as they do out in the field.

“The Kiwi pants look so great you can go from the mountains directly to the office!”

Zee Ndaba, mountain guide

Get your Kiwi Pro trousers

Craghopper NosiLife Adventure Pants: Protection from the Elements

Key features:

By introducing NosiLife Pro Adventure Pants specifically designed for the most demanding outdoor activities, the Craghoppers took outdoor wear to another level.

The pants are packed with features that make sense when traveling. They are cut from stretch fabric, are lightweight, and have built-in solar protection and odor control. Add the innovative anti-insect bite NosiLife technology, and there is no doubt why these are your go-to travel trousers.

Let’s not forget to mention multiple pockets that keep your hands free and valuables safe while you’re on the go. The pocket system includes details like a clip for keys or other small essential items inside the zip pocket and a zip’n’clip pocket for extra security on the side of the trousers leg.

“I have been wearing the Nosilife Pro II pants in the field in Namibia and Botswana, and honestly, they are a dream in this heat and insect swarm vibe!!”

Siena Crawford, conservation specialist

Get your NosiLife trousers

Craghoppers leggings: Guaranteed to stretch, jump, and scramble with you

Key features:

A new kind of outdoor legging designed to help you get the most out of any activity.

Alongside our range of best-selling outdoor trousers comes the most comprehensive range of outdoor leggings available. Derived from partly recycled materials and constructed for the most agile and ambitious adventures, these leggings go wherever you go and do whatever you do with ease.

Made for life outdoors, our leggings are the perfect addition to your wardrobe all year round. Water-resistant, thermal, and stretchy, our legging range covers all bases, no matter the weather.

Get your Craghoppers leggings

Craghopper Convertible Pants: The Ultimate in Versatility

Key Features

Building upon famous Kiwi and NosiLife Adventure pants and their key features, the design includes an additional zip feature that allows you to change to shorts effortlessly and back for when the mood takes you – or the weather dictates. 

Thanks to convertible pants, you can easily pack light for a trip, yet you’ll always be ready for whatever the day brings.

Get your NosiLife Pro II trousers

It is no surprise that Craghoppers became a leader in legwear. These pants were made for discovering your world. So, get yourself a pair and keep exploring!

The Perfect outfit for any outdoor adventure

By Outsider Co.

Proper clothing and equipment is the cornerstone of every outdoor mission’s success. Ask any adventurer and they will tell you that what you wear can make or break your day.

To make preparation for your next adventure more effortless, we have created for you a simple outfit guide.

Reliable, comfortable, and stylish, we have the right gear for every outdoor adventure. Find yours!


Main features: Binoculars, Bird books, and Tumbler

Favorite location: Anywhere that’s wild

The superpower: Reversing in front of an elephant bull in musth

Frequently says: “Did you see anything interesting?” (Their FOMO is real!)

The perfect outfit: With an anti-insect treatment that takes you off the menu

Built for adventure and packed with features that just make sense when exploring the bush, Craghoppers clothing is suited to any safari mission. And with our innovative NosiLife insect bite protection technology, there’s no doubt why they’re loved by safari professionals, from rangers to wildlife photographers.


Main features: Always changing lures, could smell like bait.

Favorite location: Anywhere close to the water

The superpower: They make standing on the shore look cool

Frequently says: “You should have seen the size of the one that got away!”

The perfect outfit: With UV protection, providing maximum comfort

Sun-protective, quick-drying, and super lightweight clothing – that’s what any angler is looking for. But that’s not all.. We packed it with cool features like a cooling inner collar or a nifty dry bag for a phone and other valuables, not to mention the sunglasses cleaning cloth. Your fishing buddies will love them!

craghoppers hiking]


Main features: Sweating, euphoria, and general awesomeness

Favorite location: Top of the mountain (the higher, the better)

The superpower: Finding the scenic route

Frequently says: “Almost there!”

The perfect outfit: Durable with no restrictions whatever you do

There is a reason you will see them worn by expert mountaineers. Both tops and bottoms are quick-drying and lightweight. With stretch fabric, the pants are designed for ultimate comfort and fit on the trail. The waterproof jackets will keep you dry even in a heavy downpour. The versatility of Craghoppers apparel knows no bounds, which is why these items should be a staple in every outdoor devotee’s wardrobe.