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April 23, 2022

At Craghoppers, our travel and outdoor wear is mindfully made, built to last and designed for minimum maintenance: perfect for the rough and tumble of the trail.

You’ll probably be as keen as we are to spend more time adventuring and less time doing the laundry – especially if it also means using our planet’s precious resources more responsibly.

By following a few our simple care instructions, you’ll get more wear out of your clothing while doing your bit to conserve energy and water, reducing climate impact.

Wash at 30ºc

Wash your Craghoppers gear in cool or warm water – max 30°C – preferably with a mild biodegradable laundry soap or laundry egg. Don’t use bleach or fabric softener and close all fasten ings (including hook-and-eye strips) to prevent rubbing and excess wear.

Only wash clothing when absolutely necessary: a bit of dirt is a badge of honour! Brush off mud and clean splashes with a sponge rather than putting your garments through a full machine wash. You’ll conserve water and reduce wear and tear.

Put away your iron

As long as you smooth and fold your Craghoppers gear before storing it, you’ll have no need to wield the iron. Which means you can do your bit for energy conservation without lifting a finger!

Drying your kit

Dry your garments on a clothesline or airer, where possible. Line drying saves energy, reduces environmental impact and prevents fading. Only use a tumble dryer as a last resort – for as short a time as necessary and on a low heat setting.

Dry cleaning

Craghoppers everyday outdoor wear doesn’t need dry cleaning – so give it a miss and splash your cash on more pleasurable pursuits!

Filter out fibres

When clothes are washed, they shed microfibres which end up in our drains and waterways. You can limit the release of these particles by popping garments into a filter bag before placing them in the washing machine – it’s a simple and effective way to make a big difference.

Re-proof – occasionally

If your waterproof outdoor wear has a durable water-resistant (DWR) finish, you’ll need to replenish it when water droplets stop ‘beading’ on the fabric’s surface. Use a spray-on or wash-in re-proofer when necessary – usually no more than once a year (depending on how often the item is worn).

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