Ambassadors Ross & Lyndsey Couper

Husband and wife team Ross & Lyndsey Couper are a dynamic duo permanently based at Singita Sabi Sands. They make an amazing team and some of their extensive talents lie in photography and design, marketing and field guiding. In their spare time, they enjoy hiking off-the-beaten-track destinations, running marathons, and capturing beautiful scenes wherever they go. Read more about them here:

Ross Couper

Meet Ross Couper, a well-known South African wildlife photographer who is the resident photographer for Singita Game Reserve.

Ross’s remarkable ability to capture the essence of Africa’s diverse wildlife has earned him worldwide attention, and his images have become a testament to the breathtaking beauty and untamed spirit of the African wilderness.

Ross’s dedication to his art goes beyond merely the technical skill of his camera; it is fuelled by a profound love and respect for the wildlife he photographs. He spends countless hours observing their behaviors, understanding their habitats, and patiently waiting for that perfect moment that reveals their true essence.

Its authenticity and emotional depth characterize Ross Couper’s photographic style. His keen eye for detail allows him to capture the intimate moments of wildlife in their natural habitats, conveying their raw beauty and inherent grace.

Ross aims to connect viewers and wildlife through his lens, inspiring a collective commitment to protecting these vulnerable species and their habitats.

Ambassador Zee Ndaba

Zee is the first black woman Level 4 Mountain Guide leading hikes amongst the Drakensberg mountains’ gigantic peaks and big-sky landscapes and one of the most sought-after mountain guides in South Africa. She has been roaming the Drakensberg mountains since she was a child and has taken hikers into the mountains since 2006.

“The Drakensberg is my catwalk,” Zee says and giggles as she leads the way on one of the hiking trips, which can take from 45 minutes to 14 days. Her sunny personality and sense of humor are exactly what one needs to keep you going regardless of weather conditions.

When lost in the kind of fog where you can’t see your hand in front of you, Zee is the right person to lead you out of trouble. It’s confirmed by the fact that Zee has been hired by many foreign teams coming to the Drakensberg, including BBC journalists, or the Mission Impossible movie crew!

Zee is also the founder of the Nkanyezi Youth Camps – the initiative that helps young people in the Bergville area develop various life skills through hiking and camping experiences in the Drakensberg.

Ambassador Jandré Germishuizen

Jandré is a wildlife and landscape photographer with a keen eye for capturing the beauty and mystery of the natural world. He is also the owner of Go Gravel Photo Safaris, a company that specializes in providing unique and immersive photographic experiences for clients of all skill levels.

Born and raised in South Africa, Jandré developed a passion for photography and exploration at a young age. After moving to Namibia, he spent countless hours exploring the remote corners of the country, honing his skills and developing an intimate understanding of the local wildlife and landscapes.

Through Go Gravel Photo Safaris, Jandré has helped countless photographers from around the world discover the magic of Africa’s wildlife and landscapes. From exciting game drives to off-the-beaten-path hiking and camping adventures, his trips are designed to provide unique and unforgettable experiences for photographers of all skill levels.

Whether he is behind the camera or guiding a group of clients, Jandré’s passion for wild places and photography shines through in everything he does.

Ambassador Kevin Richardson

Wildlife conservationist, filmmaker and Lion Whisperer are just some of the words used to describe Kevin. His mission is to highlight the status of the Africa’s most iconic predator, the Lion, through his own work in the media as well as alongside fellow campaigners, researchers and scientists.

It is his unique relationship with the Lions that has captivated the imaginaation of people worldwide. Subduing the animals through love, understanding and trust to develop personal bonds with them rather than breaking their spirit.

The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary provides a self-sustaining sanctuary for the purposes of wild species preservation. bring awareness to the rapid decline of large carnivores in Africa due to habitat loss, human-predator conflict, the illegal bush meat trade, unscrupulous hunting, disease, and illegal trade.